Try this …

There are few stones I’ve left unturned in my search for relief from traumatic stress. My next steps are huge – matching my desperation, I’m dying after over forty years of unsuccessful (often a negative response, a nocebo effect, worse off than if I would have just stayed home) treatment for PTSD

I’ve got to talk. I think I know what happened, how decisions were made and why my life has been what it is. As my illness has gotten more intrusive and severe, my world has gotten small – those who remain in my orbit really don’t want to know or hear and so, dear reader, I ask for a moment of your time

Imagine, in my peripheral vision, a horizon that makes you wince. A glance over the shoulder and I see a landscape of empty terror. I’m so sick and tired of it all. My Current Recovery requires me to decide to, on purpose, deliberately, wade in to this void and see the truth. There is always a tap root